Eve Haines, an ABANDONED single mother of twin boys, has never wanted to do anything but run her father’s publishing company, the nationally renowned, Haines Press.

But, upon the death of his father, everything changed . .
The board of trustees threatens to take the company away from her unless she is willing marry a man of high education.

Haines Press is EVERYTHING to Eve!
Retaining the company in remembrance of her father is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in her life.
In order to do so, she will faced with the WORST OPTION she is ever given– MARRYING a man AGAIN . .
Tormented by her past, the last thing this country girl wants to do is deal with a city man, but she writes East, praying that God will send her someone bearable.

The perfect path : a novel. 2: Elizabeth Glaister: Books.

The Perfect Man by Naeem Murr - Goodreads

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