Six months after deciding to hire a new city manager to replace Jim Landon, the Palm Coast City Council today began talking about how to hire a search firm—a process that will take the next five months, usually the time it takes for most local governments to find a new executive from start to finish. In essence, it will have taken the council a full year to put out a want ad for a new manager, and it may be two years before it hires a new one.

It took one meeting for the Flagler County School board last year to decide on a search method for a new superintendent as the board hired a team of state school board association consultants to advise and coordinate the search. It took the board barely four months to find and sign James Tager. It had taken the 2007 Palm Coast City Council five months, from start to finish, to find Landon.

And while today’s workshop on finding a search firm was dubbed as a chance for the council members to discuss what they want in a search firm, after similar one-on-one discussions with the administration, the discussion was led at first by City Attorney Bill Reischmann, then by Landon himself, who at one point told council members point blank that they didn’t know how to hire a manager, since they hadn’t been through the process.

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